Progress on my BOOK

Progress on my BOOK

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I am pleased to report that following my first lecture on Diagonality, Dr. Kenneth Ford, noted author, educator and physicist, offered to assist me in editing my book about Diagonality. He has been reviewing articles as I finish them. The working title of  the book is:




The Untold Story of the Geometric Motif

that Changed the Face of the Modern World





Gates of Europe by Philip Johnson 2007


With his encouragement, I have made progress on a number of articles, which I am posting on this website as they are completed. Additionally, I am beginning to reach out to literary agents and publishers and looking for venues to present the idea to the general public through lectures. I continue to invite input from visitors to this site for any suggestions regarding content, site navigation, and graphic presentation.



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Composition 1929 Theo van Doesburg

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