1. The CENTER for the Study of Diagonality in World Culturewelcomes your participation and interest.

2. The CENTER  invites general comments and questions and submission.  It also invites the submission of articles dealing with PEOPLE (articles about individuals who have used the diagonal motif in their work); PROJECTS (Articles about specific projects dealing with the 20 disciplines illustrated on the Home Page); THEMES (articles related to the Phenomenon of Diagonality dealing with topics such as art movements, perception, mathematics, memes, trusses, etc.)

3. After you suggest an article, and once the idea is approved by the Center, ongoing correspondence and the submission of images will occur through Joel Levinson’s personal email address:  All correspondence must be in English.

4. The CENTER reserves the right to reject and/or edit all articles and images without cause.  All images must be free of copyright constraints.  Currently, no funds are available to compensate submitters for their articles, however the submitter will be appropriately credited.

Please email me at